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New website launched!

It’s a big week for the Ammo-Safe team — we’ve just launched a complete redesign of the website! The company has a fresh new look and the site has been restructured to make you experience with us more easy and pleasant. Also, for the first time, you can order your Ammo-Safe devices directly from us on our website!

To commemorate these exciting changes, we are offering 10% off your first online order when you spend at least $50 by using the coupon code first10 when you checkout.

Ammo-Safe is the ORIGINAL Clear Chamber Indicator (CCI). American made and durable, this Nylon 6/6 plastic chamber blocker has a bright flexible “safety yellow” strip that extends out of the muzzle to provide immediate visual confirmation that your firearm is unloaded and safe.

Every responsible gun owner needs Ammo-Safe.

Ammo-Safe is committed to providing the safest, highest quality products. This means we only use the best materials and American workers.

December Close-out

We know the affordability of our products is very important to our many loyal customers. With that in mind, we have been able to keep our prices steady for the last several years.

Unfortunately, due to the rise in production costs, we can no longer guarantee our pricing after December 31, 2015.

So peruse our products and place your order today and we’ll lock in the 2015 price for that order!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sara Barber
Business Development and Sales Manager

Press Release – Strategic manufacturing gives Ammo-Safe better shot at gun safety market

Strategic manufacturing gives Ammo-Safe better shot at gun safety market

Cranston, RI — For start-ups already shouldering the heavy costs of product development, prototyping, and tooling, the burden of initial production costs can often add a bitter tinge of irony to the old “build a better mouse trap…” adage. The resulting competition between production and marketing resources can force companies to choose between making a product and selling it. But for Rhode Island gun safety product manufacturer Ammo-Safe, that burden was mitigated by transferring its molding and production operations to Fielding Manufacturing.

Retired Police Captain, Certified Firearms Instructor and Ammo-Safe Executive Officer, Bob Barber, got the idea for his Ammo-Safe™ Chamber Blockers after, “almost getting shot” while conducting training operations on the firing range. “Magazine fed weapons are designed to leave a round in the chamber when you remove the magazine,” he said. “So unless you lock the slide back, and visually and physically check the chamber, you don’t know whether the weapon is safe. And once it’s charged, you still don’t know, even if it is empty. As a result, so much time is required to do safety checks, I felt that if there was a way to instantly confirm a weapon was safe by a quick visual check, not only would the range be safer, but I would have more effective training time.”

That’s when the idea for the Ammo-Safe Chamber Blockers came to him. The injection molded devices consist of color-coded plugs, the shape and size of various caliber handguns, sub guns, long guns, and shotguns, and a long tail. After clearing the chamber, users simply slip the device into the empty chamber so the tail protrudes from the barrel. The plug renders the firearm completely safe while the extension sticking out of the barrel provides an immediate, visual indication of safety.

According to Barber, Ammo-Safe Chamber Blockers offer many advantages over other clear chamber indicators. There is no disassembly or mechanical alteration of the firearm required, and the firearm can be dry fired, cycled, and holstered. This makes the devices ideal for weapon storage, training, display, and transportation. Ammo-Safe Chamber Blockers are NTOA Member Tested and Recommended, and are available from stock for a range of different caliber hand guns, sub guns, and long guns, and can be made to fit any size firearm.

Barber used his extensive law enforcement contacts to launch the Ammo-Safe devices, which are currently being used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the State of NJ, the RI Municipal Academy, the NC Justice Institute, ATF, the WA State Coast Guard, and many others. The devices are available at some gun shops and online at, but with no outside funding and limited capital of his own, growing the business has been difficult. Particularly burdensome has been the need to maintain adequate inventory for the range of weapons required.

That’s where Fielding Manufacturing came in. A specialty injection molder with wide experience in molding resins like the Nylon 6/6 used for Ammo-Safe, Fielding is also known for its innovative manufacturing practices and part and tooling design solutions. By switching production to Fielding, Ammo-Safe was able to reduce costs in several ways. First, Fielding suggested reducing costs by converting the long gun Chamber Blocker from an all-injected part to an insert molded part by molding the plug around an extruded extension. Second, Fielding offered to help maintain Ammo-Safe’s inventory in-house. This allowed Fielding to make longer production runs, reducing per piece costs, while allowing Ammo-Safe to purchase in lot sizes needed to keep up with demand. Finally, Fielding’s own internal efficiencies and tight quality control allowed further reductions.

Bob Barber says there is still a long way to go before Ammo-Safe is a household word in the firearm safety arena, but his product has such obvious visible benefits that it catches on quickly. His best advertisement, he says, is from firearm instructors, but he likes to think of it as “line of sight advertising.” And with lower production costs improving his ability to market, he hopes to see Ammo-Safe Chamber Blockers become the essential firearm safety accessory worldwide.

Founded in 1962, Fielding Manufacturing specializes in the manufacture of high precision miniature die-cast and injection molded components. The company provides a full-service solution that begins with design for manufacturability, rapid prototyping, tool design and reliable parts production, and extends through a complete range of secondary operations and finishing. Fielding Manufacturing has a strong reputation for quality, service and dependability, and offers a wealth of experience in a wide range of industrial markets, including telecommunications, fiber optics, hardware, electronics/electrical, automotive, fasteners/threaded components, appliance, and consumer.

For additional information, contact:
Fielding Manufacturing
780 Wellington Avenue
Cranston, RI 02910
Tel: 800/230-8690
Fax: 401/941-2222

For information on Ammo-Safe Chamber Blockers, contact:
Ammo-Safe Inc.
P.O. Box 3711
Cranston, RI 02910
Tel: 401-467-9723 Toll-free: 866-467-9723
Fax: 401-467-9773

ref: FLD8503.1009

Full Press Release:
Fielding Manufacturing Helps Keep Costs Low for Firearm Safety Start-Up

Testimonial for Ammo-Safe from Officer Survival Training, LLC

Testimonial on the Ammo-Safe Plastic Safety Device 2015

I have been a law enforcement trainer since 1989 and have instructed federal, state and local officers in their in-service courses, I also instruct at many community colleges throughout North Carolina and as an adjunct instructor for the North Carolina Justice Academy. I retired with a Sheriff’s Office as a lieutenant over a criminal investigative and narcotic division in 2010. I then created my own company named Officer Survival Training, LLC. Prior to my law enforcemnt carreer I was in the United States Marine Corps. I specialize in survival training and force-on-force courses that focus on extremely high risk topics. These topic areas tend to be the most hazardous in which a higher percentage of officers are injured or killed annually throughout the United States.

These courses provide students with advanced tactical strategies and maneuvers to successfully survive dangerous confrontations. The officers are exposed to practical exercises that are designed to enhance their decision making abilities and physical skills needed to survive violent encounters. The officers make force-on-force choices, deploy a variety of their issued tools, and engage in scenario exercises under a variety of environmental conditions.

Whether training the military or law enforcement one of the most effective means of deploying this form of reality based training is by using the officers issued duty firearm. Why, so the officer can practice with the rifle, sling, handgun and holster that he or she uses every day and every night on the street and become more fined tuned in their firearm tactical handling skills.

It is paramount that this method of training is conducted SAFELY! Unfortunetly, each year officers are accidentially killed in a training environment when using real firearms to practice with. I have used a continuous safety inspection method when teaching courses in which real firearms are used. I have also implemented the use of plastic zip ties, tied in a knot at one end and let the other end stick out the end of the barrel. This has worked but is not totally secured at the chamber as the tie could be pulled out through the muzzle accidentlly.

While searching for a better safety method on the internet I found This is where I discovered they have a product referred to as Ammo-Safe Plastic Safety Device. It is extremely easy and quick to insert into the chamber area and out through the muzzle and does not interfere with activating the slide or inserting and releasing the magazine.

They come in an easily identified color coded plastic which can also be cut off to personalize the length to fit appropriately out the end of the barrel and the holster. I have also used plastic insert barrels but that is more time consuming to make safe and much more costly since each barrel must match the exact make and model of the firearm.

The Ammo-Safe Plastic Safety Device caliber selected will fit any firearm make and model of that particular caliber and it is extremely cost effective. I highly recommend Ammo-Safe Plastic Safety Device when using real firearms in reality based training. We must train often and train safely.

“The Successful Battle is Waged First in the Mind”

John D. Kissinger Lieutenant (Retired)
Dare County Sheriff’s Office, NC
Owner, Officer Survival Training, LLC
PO Box 3334
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Testimonial for Ammo-Safe Plastic Safety Device

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Ammo-Safe on display for at the TeamOne Network

This is the Ammo-Safe display at the TeamOne Network Training Complex in Sebastian, FL.


Team One Network is dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement and Military by providing training for one single overwhelming objective, Officer Survival by Training to Win! For that reason, we offer the most practical, intense and realistic training in the world. What you learn from Team One Network could save your life — or the lives of others.

Go to to inquire about their training classes!