Advantages of Ammo-Safe:

  • Yellow barrel extension provides immediate visual confirmation of an unloaded firearm
  • Caliber-specific and color-coded
  • Does not interfere with the trigger lock operation
  • No disassembly or mechanical alteration of the firearm is required
  • Without the trigger lock, the firearm can still be dry fired and cycled, allowing you to safely get a complete feel for your trigger
  • Firearm can still be holstered
  • Perfect for handling, display, storage, and transport of your firearms
  • Made in the USA


Why choose Ammo-Safe over other similar devices?

  • Ammo-Safe provides visual confirmation of safety from the barrel, not the breech
  • Ammo-Safe is color-coded per caliber
  • Color-coding reduces the chance of putting the incorrect caliber into your firearm
  • Other flag chamber blockers have been known to accidentally fall out of the breech
  • Other safety devices will require partial or complete disassembly of the weapon
  • Other safety devices will NOT allow you to dry fire and cycle your weapon


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