1. Ensure that the firearm is empty with no live ammunition in the chamber and that the magazine is removed.
2. Lock the slide back and ensure that there are no rounds in the chamber. Visually and physically check the firearm.
3. Insert the correct caliber of Ammo-Safe into the open chamber and push in as far as possible. The safety extension will stick out of the end of the barrel.
4. Once the device is seated into the chamber, charge the firearm to close the slide. The firearm is now ready to be utilized. With Ammo-Safe safely inserted, the firearm can be cycled and dry fired, as well as holstered and handled.
5. To remove Ammo-Safe push it out in the opposite direction of insertion. Ammo-Safe is designed for a snug fit. Use a cleaning rod if necessary.
6. Push Ammo-Safe into the magazine well for easy removal.