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  • New website launched! - It’s a big week for the Ammo-Safe team — we’ve just launched a complete redesign of the website! The company has a fresh new look and the site has been restructured to make you experience with us more easy and pleasant. Also, for the first time, you can order your Ammo-Safe devices directly from […]
  • December Close-out - We know the affordability of our products is very important to our many loyal customers. With that in mind, we have been able to keep our prices steady for the last several years. Unfortunately, due to the rise in production costs, we can no longer guarantee our pricing after December 31, 2015. So peruse our […]
  • Press Release – Strategic manufacturing gives Ammo-Safe better shot at gun safety market - Strategic manufacturing gives Ammo-Safe better shot at gun safety market Cranston, RI — For start-ups already shouldering the heavy costs of product development, prototyping, and tooling, the burden of initial production costs can often add a bitter tinge of irony to the old “build a better mouse trap…” adage. The resulting competition between production and […]
  • Testimonial for Ammo-Safe from Officer Survival Training, LLC - Testimonial on the Ammo-Safe Plastic Safety Device 2015 I have been a law enforcement trainer since 1989 and have instructed federal, state and local officers in their in-service courses, I also instruct at many community colleges throughout North Carolina and as an adjunct instructor for the North Carolina Justice Academy. I retired with a Sheriff’s […]
  • Ammo-Safe on display for at the TeamOne Network - This is the Ammo-Safe display at the TeamOne Network Training Complex in Sebastian, FL. Team One Network is dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement and Military by providing training for one single overwhelming objective, Officer Survival by Training to Win! For that reason, we offer the most practical, intense and realistic training in the world. What you […]

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