.40 S&W – 9.5″ extension


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This .40 S&W caliber Safe Chamber Indicator (SCI) is made of Nylon 6/6 plastic. It is designed to fit perfectly into the chamber of your firearm, allowing you to cycle and dry fire your weapon. It has a bright “safety yellow” 9.5″ extension that is long enough to protrude out of the end of the gun and flexible enough to bend so the gun can be holstered or stored in its case.

Use Ammo-Safe in conjunction with your trigger lock to ensure that your gun is secure AND safely unloaded.

Perfect for your Glock 40 MOS, Colt Delta Elite, Sig Sauer P220 Elite, or any other pistol that uses a .40 S&W cartridge.


  • Made of high quality 6/6 Nylon plastic
  • Positive visual safety confirmation of an empty chamber
  • Excellent abrasion resistance; Extremely durable
  • Resists fading from exposure to sunlight or elements
  • Color coded caliber: GRAY

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