Every Police Officer and Every Responsible Gun Owner Needs “Ammo Safe”

Sadly one or two police officers in the U.S. die every year in firearms related training accidents. These incidents are extremely tragic and painful for so many. Unfortunately, most firearms training injuries and deaths can be avoided by using the Ammo Safe Chamber Indicator. Our SWAT Team discovered this product approx. 15 years ago. During SWAT training all firearms were unloaded and the chamber indicators were quickly inserted. Our members could still holster their firearms. As the Team was doing building entries and room clearing, every operator could verify that his firearm and his partner’s firearm were safe. With the indicator sticking out of the barrel, every operator, evaluator, team leader, administrator and guest could clearly see that every firearm was “safe”. Even our snipers love them. It is so inexpensive and easy to use you can’t be professional without it.

I wish that every gun owner and all police agencies were aware of this remarkable safety tool.

Roy Bryson
Police Corporal, SWAT (23 years),
SWAT & Sniper Team Leader (Retired),
Expert Firearms Training LLC (Chief Firearms Instructor)


A video review of Ammo-Safe

Santi Cuellar
Godspeed Firearms School


It is extremely easy and quick to insert into the chamber area and out through the muzzle and does not interfere with activating the slide or inserting and releasing the magazine… I highly recommend Ammo-Safe Plastic Safety Device when using real firearms in reality based training. We must train often and train safely.

John D. Kissinger Lieutenant (Retired)
Dare County Sheriff’s Office, NC
Owner, Officer Survival Training, LLC


As a Police Officer, Master Firearms Instructor and Senior Armorer for a major metropolitan police department in the State of California and Lead Firearms Instructor at a local college police academy, I have used and continue to use the Ammo-Safe firearms safety device for training. The reason for the use of this product vs. some of the other products that are available on the current market is for the simplicity of it’s installation and removal. Other products require the field strip of the weapon to install or remove costing valuable training time. The benefit of the Ammo-Safe product is that the student is only required to lock the slide to the rear in order to install or remove the product. …I highly recommend this product to any agency, training facility, or private trainers of weapon related training as it is easy to install / remove, and highly visible to identify a weapon as unloaded.

Officer Alex Chan
LAPD Armory
Lead Firearms Instructor – Rio Hondo College’s Police Academy


Your Ammo Safe Plastic Safety Device works great for VISUALLY making the weapon safe for dry fire drills. They work especially well in strikerfire pistols where the action must be cycled in order to dry fire. You have a great product.

Officer Tyler Sapp
Forest Preserve District – Cook County, IL


[Warrior Tactical Firearms LLC’s Nicole] Price recommends a line of plastic firearm safety devices from Ammo-Safe. These plastic safe chamber indicators render firearms safe while allowing full cycling, dry-firing and holstering of the firearm. A brightly-colored flexible strip extends out of the barrel to give a huge visual safety tag, Price noted. Since this product retails for less than $10, it’s an inexpensive safety tool your customers can purchase for every firearm they own.

Shooting Industry Magazine – Dec ’14 issue


I want to thank you for providing an excellent Ammo-Safe product and customer service. I was so impressed that I listed your company in my 600-page book called “Shooting to Survive: How to Fight with a Pistol.” …Your Ammo-Safe product is illustrated in the book on page 208.

Timothy D Blakeley
Police Officer, Author, Instructor/Trainer
Shooting to Survive: How to Fight with a Pistol


Ammo Safe is an inexpensive, and potentially life-saving device which blocks a firearm’s chamber, preventing the insertion of live rounds, while at the same time providing a clear visual indication that the gun is totally safe to handle and train with.

Dave Strohauer‎
Fitness Devolution